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Become a Member

We are all recovering from something, so let us help you begin your unique journey to recovery. Follow the steps below to become a member.   All pathways to recovery are welcomed to join at NO COST.

The Steps




Make sure you will be able to meet the requirements for membership.


Say Hello

Join us at 1412 Sycamore Steet when we are open!

Call us at (812) 565 - 8285 or email us at if you have questions.


Guiding Principles

Commit to following our Guiding Principles.

Requirements for Membership

  • ​Agree to be drug and alcohol free in the Café space.

  • Commit to participate in a weekly Recovery Circle. 

  • Give back to the cafe community through acts of service.

  • Practice the guiding principles of the Recovery Café Community.

  • There is NO COST to join!

Guiding Principles

○     Connect with Divine Love in ourselves and                  others
○     Show Respect
○     Cultivate Compassion
○     Practice Forgiveness
○     Encourage Growth
○     Give Back


Core Commitments that guide and inform our work:

  • Create a community space that is drug- and alcohol-free, embracing, and healing

  • Nurture structures of loving accountability called Recovery Circles

  • Empower every Member to be a contributor

  • Raise Member leaders

  • Ensure responsible stewardship

  • Work to end systemic racism and socioeconomic inequality so every person can thrive

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